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Sailor in the White House in paperback - just released!

Now available in paperback, Robert F. Cross’ Sailor in the White House remains one of the most interesting and intimate books about Franklin D. Roosevelt. Secret Service agents, family, and…

This behind-the-scenes look at Franklin D. Roosevelt’s extraordinary skill as a blue-water sailor explores how his love of the sea shaped his approach to public service and even influenced the…

This compelling tale of courage, heroism, and terror is told in the words of ninety-one sailors and officers interviewed by the author about their World War II service aboard fifty-six…

A dockworker holds giant lobster claws at New York City's Fulton Fish Market in 1943. Fulton Fish Market workers, like stevedores along other East Coast seaports, were keeping an eye out for any signs of Nazi saboteurs who might be trying to come ashore. © Gordon Parks, Library of Congress

During World War II, German U-boats were sinking thousands of Allied and merchant ships in an effort to control the Atlantic Ocean—and Hitler’s men were winning that war. Americans watched…

Naval War College Museum, 4/14/16 and C-SPAN interview, 12/8/2012

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Critics Say. . .

“It is surprisingly refreshing that Robert Cross, a talented historian and writer, elected to help us better understand FDR through the greatest passions: sailing and the sea. A sailor who loves being on the water, I can easily see the connections Cross draws between the skills, temperament, and passions that make a person a great sailor and those same elements that make a person a great politician and world leader.”

~ From the Foreword by Christopher duP Roosevelt Grandson of President Franklin D. Roosevelt

“This delightful book adds a new dimension to our understanding of Franklin D. Roosevelt. As Robert F. Cross persuasively shows, FDR employed the skills of an expert navigator whether as a sailor on blue water or as a statesman leading the nation.”

~ Arthur M. Schlesinger, Jr. Pulitzer Prize-winning author - READ WHAT OTHERS ARE SAYING